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Beauty care by PHYRIS

Basic facial for all skin types

This introductory facial suited for all skin types is designed to maintain a healthy, clear complexion. A customized selection of products addresses the current needs of your skin. Thorough cleansing followed by the application of an ampoule and treatment mask refresh the skin while a relaxing facial massage helps alleviate stress and provides a sense of wellness.

cca 60 min • 1.350 CZK


Care for young, problematic skin focused on deep cleansing. Reduces inflamed areas, sebum and impurities.

cca 60 min • 1.100 CZK



Moisturizing treatment for all skin types. Immediate and long-term moisturizing of the skin.

cca 60 min • 1.550 CZK


HYALURON Intensive

Intensive hydrating treatment to soften wrinkles caused by dehydration.

cca 90 min • 1.950 CZK

SEE Change

Contour strengthening, calming and stimulation of collagen thanks to stem cells and hyaluronic acid. .

cca 60 min • 1.550 CZK
cca 60 min • 1.950 CZK


Skin radiance, oxygenation, calming, protection from digital and urban stress-causing influences. Improves skin color tone.

cca 60 min • 1.550 CZK
cca 90 min • 1.950 CZK


COLLAGEN Intensive

Intensive treatment for contouring, firming and hydration.

cca 90 min • 1950 CZK


SKIN Comeback

Regenerating and rejuvenating treatment for demanding skin, restores elasticity, strengthens contours, softens skin relief.

cca 60 min • 1.550 CZK


PERFECT Age Intensive

Intensive anti-wrinkle treatment with stem cells for all skin types. Prevention against aging, strengthening elasticity, reduction of wrinkles.

cca 90 min • 1950 CZK

Skin Result - peeling with AHA acids

Say goodbye to wrinkles! Visible rejuvenation without stressing the skin.

  • Smoothing fine wrinkles
  • Skin radiance
  • Reduction of hyperpigmentation
  • Refinement of enlarged pores.

We recommend as a course 3 treatments within one month with an interval of approx. 10 days, or as part of some treatments.

As a separate treatment cca 60 min • 1290 CZK
When pre-paying for 3 treatments as part of a monthly treatment, the price of one treatment is • 1150 CZK
As part of another treatment cca 15 min • 200 CZK


Eye contour treatment

This refreshing & anti-aging treatment addresses the concerns of the eye area. Vitamin and Hyaluronic enriched serum coupled with a relaxing eye massage using chilled porcelain spoons brings immediate relief to tired strained eyes and helps improve the appearance dark circles. A fresh tensor gel mask and eye smoothing patch diminish puffiness and provide an instant lifting effect.

Part of another treatment • 750 CZK

Additional services


Manual deep cleaning cca. 15 min • CZK 250 (cannot be ordered separately, only with cosmetic treatment)

Eyelash coloring  • CZK 150 (cannot be ordered separately, only with cosmetic treatment)

Eyebrow coloring and shaping cca. 15 min • CZK 150 (cannot be ordered separately, only with cosmetic treatment)

Depilation of the upper lip • CZK 150 (cannot be ordered separately, only with cosmetic treatment)


Medical system


The first anti-wrinkle peeling with active carbon!

The V-Carbon System is a non-invasive skin rejuvenation that will take your skin to a higher level. A unique procedure with unique products can conjure up unprecedented skin lifting in just a few minutes.

The application of the V-Carbon system enables a moderate or significant peeling effect, depending on the client's skin type and condition. This process is possible thanks to natural exfoliating substances (ferulic, mandelic and lactic acid) and rare antioxidants (black ginger and licorice extract). During treatment, V-Carbon film is applied followed by V-Carbon spra

Recommended indication:

  • reduces lines and wrinkles
  • tightens pores
  • reduces acne, scars and post-acne condition
  • removes dead skin cells
  • stimulates collagen fibers
  • improves skin texture
  • cleans pores and reduces blackheads
  • immediate skin lifting

Treatment price:

cca 30 min. 1690 Kč
Swiss SPA pedicure MAVEX

Swiss pedicure Calluspeeling by MAVEX

It completely removes cracked, hardened and rattled skin without the use of scarves, scalpels and milling cutters. This is an extraordinary cosmetic feet treatment with intense vascular protection, relaxation and antitubercular action. It ensures intense and deep hydration of the feet, stimulation of the blood circulation and activation of cellular metabolism. Treatment includes foot massage.

MAVEX products are completely natural and do not contain parabens, formaldehyde, added preservatives, mineral oils or paraffin. They are made with a synergic complex of plant extracts from Swiss alpine herbs and plants such as bitters, blueberries, spruce, fir and pure glacial water encased in liposomes.

cca 50 min • 900 CZK (as part of other cosmetic treatment or massage special price 750 CZK)


Massages in my salon are based on various techniques such as Breuss and Dorn methods, classical Swedish massage, relaxing or aromatherapy massage. When I massage, I always choose the technique with respect to the client's wishes and his current physical and mental state. Massages are made with bio-quality vegetable oils that have beneficial effects on the body's skin. They contain bioactive substances and vitamins that nourish the skin, keep it supple and velvety soft.

Dorn method

A gentle manual technique that releases blockages and pain in troubled areas - mostly around the spine, hips, knees, ankles and shoulders. It compensates for the different lengths of the lower limbs and thus corrects the static of the body.

Information on the current price is available at the hotel reception.

Breuss massage

It perfectly complements Dorn's method. This is a gentle spine massage that helps relieve tension and muscle tension in the spine. At the same time it is a pleasant energy and relaxing massage.

Information on the current price is available at the hotel reception.

Swedish massage

This is the most well-known and most used massage mostly in European countries. Its main goal is to eliminate muscle tension and fatigue.

Information on the current price is available at the hotel reception.


Literally a body and soul spa. Aromamassage has stimulating and soothing effects. It is done with plant essences that bring the body of bioinformation out of nature.

Information on the current price is available at the hotel reception.